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Sketches Diary of Sapa

Our days in Sapa (in picture form)

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Here are a few sketches describing our last day in Hanoi and our non-rainy day in Sapa....



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Photo Post of Vietnam

It rained all day, so we drank tea and read.

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We had to cancel our trek through the mountains/villages because of INTENSE rain! boo. Its okay though, we spent the day relaxing, eating some great food, and now I have the chance to upload photos! It looks like tomorrow we'll be headed to Laos and MIA from the internet for a bit.

Enjoy the photos - A

A typical building in Sapa, Vietnam. This one was an old French Villa I photographed while motorcycling.
Pho. The delicious national dish of Vietnam.
Halong Bay, Vietnam. We slept & explored the region from on one of those boats at night!
The rice paties of Sapa, Vietnam. Also photographed while motoring.
Creepy dolls from the antique shop in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Sapa, Day One

A French hill station set in Shangri-la...

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Firstly, will have sketches and such soon. Its been rather busy and will likely be mad for the next 3-4 days.... Anyways, here is what happened in first person:

We are now in Sapa after a very surreal overnight train. It was straight out of 1960s communism. The diner car was cloudy with cigarette smoke as really strange Vietnamese pop music blared from the TV. Amy and I had our last Beer "Han Oi" with this German couple we've been hanging out with. We talked about stereotypes and travels - past and future. They were lovely.

Sapa... Well, its probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Tall, green, impossibly tall mountains shrouded in mist with valleys full of rice. Colorfully dressed Hmong women dotting the countryside. Beautiful 70 degree weather with heavenly looking clouds. Today we rented motorcycles and drove through the countryside and visited waterfalls, hiking paths, small villages, etc.. Jenni was a bit nervous so she rode with me. While Amy went solo. It was wonderful. I really love riding motorcyles and I think I'll get a new moped when I can manage it... After that Amy took a nap. Jenni and I did a few errands and searched (unsuccessfully) in vain for an internet cafe. (We found one now.) The power in the city has been going in and out - its in the mountains and, moreover, is in Vietnam.

Tomorrow we're hiking through the mountains for 2 days and having a homestay in a Hmong village. I'm really excited though a bit nervous. The Hmong seem really nice but they are VERY foriegn. Its both facinating and very Orientalist feeling to be doing the trek. Then again, the people depend on tourism to survive and so its nice to help . In any case, the Hmong (& other tribal peoples) are ridiculously nice. Even if we don't buy from them they remember our names, where we are from... Everyone likes the name Adam. It must sound something special in Vietnamese.

Anyways, like I said..... pictures (photographed or drawn) to be coming soon. The power is in and out and we really didn't expect it to come on... so I logged on when I could. Hope everyone is well Stateside (and everywhere else!).


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Halong Bay & Hanoi

Climbing jungle mountains, swimming on abandoned beaches, sleeping on boats, and jumping into the ocean from three stories above... Vietnam is pretty sweet.

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Hey all! I decided to write my blog in art form and written. Note the lack of photo editing has made the sketches sort of dark and off color.

In concise written form:
Day 1: We took a bus with us, five English girls, a German couple and a Danish couple. The English girls were all nerdy but nice premed students from Cambridge. The German guy was a police officer and the girl was a paralegal. They drank beer with every meal and that made me happy because it is so stereotypical. The Danish couple was VERY quiet. Also stereotypical. All of us plus another German couple got on a junk boat where we stayed the first night. After eating lunch on the boat we went to visit the "surprise cave". The bay has thousand of small mountain islands. One island had several caverns. After that we got kayaks and went around the bay. Then we went swimming and I jumped off the roof of the boat!!!!!!!! The bay is technically the ocean but because of all the islands there are no waves and very low in salt. After that, we ate dinner then went to bed because we were very sleepy.

Day 2: We ate on the boat and it took us to cat ba island. On the island we went to the national park and did awesome but difficult hiking to the top of this mountain and then climbed up some very rickety stairs to the top of a tour that had an amazing view. It was so hot and humid that our clothes looked like we had jumped in a river we were so wet. We hiked down and i had an amazing drink called Winter Mellon Tea. It tastes like watermelon and cinnamon. Then we went to a fancy three star hotel on Cat Ba City. The food was bad and the power went out during dinner. But it had a great view. Then we went to find a beach. The first beach we went to was a locals beach.

Adam and I played in the ocean and Amy watched our stuff. en we saw a path that looked cool and followed it. It led to a hotel with a private beach. We are western so they probably assumed we were staying there. There were only four other people there and there was a beach guard so we left stuff on shore and jumped in. It was awesome. there were even waves! We ate dinner then went to a locals bar with the two couples.

Day 3: It rained. We took the boat back to Halong city and ate lunch on board. We then took the bus home. Late that night we went to an awesome night market and had beer with the Germans again... All in all a swell day.

Day 4: Today we head out to Sapa on an overnight train. Its a beautiful old hill station.

In sketches:

  • it says we drank beer with Germans and Danes

Hope everyone is having fun in DFW and DC!


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one, two, three

  • ahem, Testing.... one... two... three...

Bon Voyage Texas & DC.... Hello Vietnam!

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